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We are constantly learning and growing.  With every change in life there is a shift in how we engage with ourselves and the world.  This is especially true for women who go through such distinct phases in life.  Learning with others and being supported by those in the same growth experience is transformative and powerful. These workshops have been designed to empower you with practical skills and knowledge and support you to understand and appreciate your own transformation so you can embrace your next chapter.



Couples therapy can be very helpful for improving communication and connections in relationships.  For couples who want to experience a faster transformation in their relationship a 3 day intensive has the ability to jump start the passion and connection much faster then months of weekly therapy.  In addition, sometimes couples experience a trauma, such as infidelity,  that requires more intense intervention.  I have found that in working with couples who are either in crisis or wanting to dramatically improve the quality of their relationship, going through a relationship intensive is the most effective way to resolve a conflict and improve connection and intimacy in the relationship.



I’m often booked to speak at private events. Some of the events that I present at are corporate events, spousal events, women’s luncheons, parent-ed programs at schools, birthday parties, bachelorette and re-bachelorette parties, bridal showers, cocktail parties.  If you are interested in booking me for a private event I’d be happy to create presentation specific to your audience and event.


Medical Practice Inservice

It is my goal to empower you with knowledge.  I know that often people are afraid to share their sexual concerns, but when they do it feels much better to be prepared to answer those delicate questions and offer the kind of information, support and resources that make a difference for your patients.  Contact me and I would be happy to put together a custom presentation that is relevant to your practice or organization.

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