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Dr. Christina Stein specializes in empowering individuals and couples to lead passionate, authentic lives.  After launching her private practice in 2006, and earning several psychology degrees, and additional certifications, she discovered a defining  thread: people, at their core, want to feel deeply connected in their relationships. It is her mission to teach them how. Through private individual or couples’ sessions, workshops, and speaking engagements, Dr. Stein educates men and women in strategies for overcoming emotional blocks that compete with achieving personal growth and loving passionate relationships. She equips clients and audiences with practical, step-by-step tools proven to “take the monotony out of monogamy,” and is an advocate for translating abstract or taboo concepts,  like sex and pleasure, into everyday conversations to awaken intimacy and awareness in partnerships.


Dr. Stein takes an integrated approach to physical and emotional intimacy. Through her many years of personal and professional experience she has come to believe that growth, healing, and sexual vitality can only take place when we honor the body, mind, heart, and soul. Whether it be her work with clients or her passion for teaching, Dr. Stein is unique in her  ability to guide individuals and couples to discover themselves, change their mindset around sexuality, and communicate their needs to each other. Dr. Stein believes that we are entitled to understand how our bodies work and how to experience pleasure. She believes that one of the biggest obstacles to connected relationships is that people are not taught how to communicate what they need and want, and they haven’t learned the practical skills of relationships and sexual intimacy. She has dedicated her career to shedding light on a subject that many people are still afraid to talk about. She wants everyone to feel confident and empowered in their sexuality and intimately connected in their relationships.

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